About Us

Original Restorations is a Concours, or competition quality body shop that specializes in vintage automobile restoration. Although the quality and beauty of our work is often described as art, returning vintage automobiles back to their original state is our main focus.

We understand that many quality classic automobiles do not require ground up restoration. We love to tackle the difficult task of repairing the small trouble spots on your vehicle. We aspire to a no trace work philosophy while doing this type of repair. We know we have been successful when you, the owner, cannot tell that Original Restorations has been there.

We know that the huge task of a ground up restoration is truly a group effort. We work with you to help facilitate the restoration process, taking the time to understand your needs.

Original Restorations is a body shop that focuses on metal straightening. In my opinion this is the most important step in a ground up restoration. Getting the metal back to its original shape is critical for body panel alignment and longevity of the restoration. All paintwork is performed in a new state of the art semi-down draft booth. After the drying process it is polished to perfection.

We are an environmentally conscious business and use technology known as HVLP spray equipment. All of our paint materials are low VOC and we will continue to meet and surpass all government regulations.

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