"I have thousands of hours of hands on experience with:

356, 356A, 356B, 356C, 356SC Coupe and Cabriolets, Roadster, Continental, 911, 912, 911T, 911E, 911S, 912E, 914, 914-6, 911SC, CARRERA, CARRERA 4, 944

Let’s face it - I love to work on Porsche. I had the fortune while running a restoration shop in Connecticut of being two blocks away from a Porsche collector. He owned many ”original condition” low mileage early Porsche. I had the key to his facility and on a routine basis I would do small jobs on these vehicles including just driving them to get out the cobwebs. Most importantly I got to study the detail of how things looked coming out of the factory. This influence towards the focus of originality has shaped me as a restoration technician.

My work has twice been recognized in PCA events, 1st Place 1996 Zone One Concours 356 class, and Best of Show Porsche Parade Banff 2005."

- Jim

For a wonderful story of this 1955 356 in the photo above, follow the link here.



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